Self Assessment 11

§ 40 – 42

The necessary data from A.T.T. for working this Self Assessment will be on Pages 00 and 00 of § 00. The standard tidal curve (Table II) is on page 00. Forms A and B of N.P. 159 for working questions 9 and 10 are supplied with this Chapter. Descriptive answers should be as detailed as possible, and the full working of all calculations must be shown. The layout of tidal calculations should be as shown in the example in the text.

194. What are the characteristics of: –

a. a semidiurnal tide

b. a diurnal tide

c. a mixed tide?


195. What is the Equilibrium Theory and how is this connected with tidal prediction?

196. Why is the Moon’s influence on the tide more than twice that of the Sun’s influence when the force exerted between the Sun and the Earth is 200 times greater than that between the Moon and the Earth?

197. Why is a high water experienced on the opposite side? of the Earth to the body which is causing it?

198. What is the luni-solar tide, what are its tidal constituents, and how are these Constituents involved in the creation of spring and neap tides?

199. What are the so called declinational constituents of the tide and what effect do the have on the total theoretical tide?

200. Explain briefly each of the following: –

a. Phase Inequality of Heights

b. Diurnal Inequality

c. Harmonic Tidal Analysis

d. Tidal Angles and Factors

e. Admiralty Method of Tidal Prediction

201. Find the reduction to apply to soundings taken at Vancouver on 01st May 199X at 180Hrs Zone +8)

202. Find the times and heights of HW and LW: –

a. At Nanoose (A.T.T. No. 9086) on Aug 03rd 1976

b. At Yaculta Landing (A.T.T. No. 9109) on Aug 16th 1976

203. Using the Admiralty Method of Tidal Prediction on Forms A and B of N.P. 159, predict the tidal curve at Bedwell Harbour (No. 9072) on Jun 01st 199X.

204. A yacht drawing 2 metres wishes to pass over a 1 metre shoal with a maximum Clearance of 0.5 m. near Bedwell harbour. Between what times on Jun 01st 199X may this be done?

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